Create your own web buttons, no design experience needed

DeKnop (dutch for "The Button") is a graphics editor that is designed to let you create buttons for your web site without requiring any graphic design experience.

It provides an easy to use step-by-step interface that lets you select the text, font style, color, 3D bevel, size, gradients and many other aspects. You can preview any changes that you make as it takes place, so it is easy to experiment a little until you decide on a design you like.

Button images can be saved in PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF (non LZW) format. DeKnop also supports projects, allowing you to save your work and continue on it later or reuse it for other jobs.

Here's what DeKnop has to offer:

  • Support for gradients, 3D look and glossy borders
  • text style raised or recessed
  • drag and drop colors
  • magnifier and color picker
  • 3-fold-neobuttons
  • textures for button and text
  • predefined paths to load from/to save to
  • transparent colors, anti alias font
  • mouse over routine to create mouse over buttons



DeKnop 4.3.12